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BayHub Technology Announces Keynote Speakers to SDA 2013 General Assembly Meeting in Singapore


October 10, 2013. SD Association invited Katsutoshi Akagi from Bay Hub Technology as keynote speaker for their Fall General Assembly Meeting in Singapore . Katsutoshi introduced the availability of SD4, UHS-II technology Eco system including the BayHub Technology’s world first SD Host controller products. In the same meeting, Miki Takahashi from BayHub technology presented UHS-II Test Guidelines and Test Tools as UHS-TG Chairperson.

These confident speakers showcased the latest SD4, UHS-II technology and received positive feedback from potential customers. We are confident that BayHub has further enhanced its public relations with these presentations in this highly aggressive market. We are looking forward to future innovative presentations such as these will put us over the top.

About BayHub

Technology BayHub Technology is a global market leader in digital connectivity and hub processor for NBPC, consumer electronic, and embedded device markets, and the first industry supplier of SD UHS-II hub processor. The company maintains offices worldwide. Additional company and product information can be found on the company website at www.bayhubtech.com