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Bayhub Technology is pleased to receive the 2015 Awards of Excellence from SDA (SD Association) for technology and innovation



Dear SD Association Member,

I am pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Awards of Excellence.  The awards program was created to recognize contributions and achievements made by SDA members to further SD technology for the benefit of the industry, consumers and its membership. It allows the Association to show appreciation and to thank members for their time, efforts and personal commitments given to the association. 

The 2015 Awards of Excellence Ceremony took place in Sapporo Japan last month during the closing plenary of the October Fall General Assembly Meeting. The following members were recognized for SDA leadership, technology and innovation, service, and lifetime achievement: 

    Eyal Hakoun, SanDisk Corporation
    Shinji Inoue, Panasonic Corporation
    Jennifer Lee , SanDisk Corporation

    Technology and Innovation
    Katsutoshi Akagi, Bayhub Technology
    Takuji Maeda, Panasonic Corporation

    Danny Lin, ATP Electronics Inc.
    Oscar Lo, Phison Electronics Corporation
    Shinichi Matsukawa, Toshiba Corporation
    Jun Sato, Toshiba Corporation
    Anne Tsou, Allion Labs Inc.
    Steven Wang , Phison Electronics Corporation

    Lifetime Achievement Award
    Hiroyuki Sakamoto, formerly of Toshiba Corporation

Attached are photos of the winners that were present at the Awards Ceremony.  Please join me in congratulating all the winners who worked hard all year, devoting their time and effort to the betterment of the SD Association.

You can find this presentation on the SDA Member Home Page (member login required) as well as presentations from the SDA Fall General Assembly Meeting under What’s New.