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PCMCIA legacy technology never dies

The old technology PCMCIA/Cardbus application which expands users’ I/O connectivity seems will never die. There is still niche stable demand from corporate NB users for PCMCIA/CardBus slot feature. Bayhub Technology Ltd, the leading developer of PCMCIA/CardBus host controller has announced a 50% shipment increase of its Cardbus controller in the second half of 2016.

“ To our surprise, this PCMCIA legacy technology seems never dies, and we are the only one in the world offering the complete solution.” said by Max Huang, President of Bayhub Technology Limited.

Bayhub Technology Limited develops and markets the Hub Processor products with high speed SERDES (Serializer/Deserializer) connectivity technology for mobile devices and embedded applications. Bayhub Technology Ltd offers the PCMCIA/CardBus host controllers for more than 10 years. The OZ600TJ0+OZ2210 is the only complete solution in the world for PCIe-to-PCMCIA/CardBus host controller solution.